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Roofing a House


You need it, we will find it.

Service Description

Our success has been greatly influenced by our ability to build a trusted supplier network. By developing and building relationships with manufacturers around the country to obtain materials directly, we have eliminated sourcing challenges, such as high minimums, excessive inventory levels, communication barriers and expensive freight costs. If you are in need of materials for a residential or commercial project and are seeking a competitive price, unable to secure product in a timely manner or have a specialty product with time to search and obtain the best pricing lowering your overall costs, please allow us to help. The way we work: - We charge a flat fee of $150 that will be credited back to you should you choose to purchase materials through our service. - For the $150, we will connect with you to understand your specific needs, mandatory requirements and potential flex points. We will then canvass our network to identify matches to your specific need. We will provide you all alternatives we identify. The decision to purchase will be solely yours without zero pressure from our Product team. - To reiterate, should you choose to purchase product via this program, you will NOT be charged the $150 search fee. Please contact us by filling our the Request Form or calling to schedule a session, 203-710-3918. Thank you for your interest!


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